Seemingly alive with the vivid colour and soft, delicate folds of a freshly-gathered bouquet, our Always In Bloom® centerpiece will become an everlasting symbol of romance. It holds more than two dozen hand-formed roses in the colours of enduring love—rich red, deep magenta and soft pink. And just like real roses, these hand-crafted blossoms are presented in different stages of maturity. Some are fully opened, while others are still on the verge of unfolding their complex layers of silky-soft petals. Combined with the artistry of Thomas Kinkade, these everlasting flowers will transport you to a romantic world of beauty and light whenever you please. Thomas Kinkade’s “Today, Tomorrow, Always” Illuminated Crystal Centerpiece is part of our exclusive Always in Bloom® line of hand-made flowers, and a first from the Painter of Light™ to celebrate the flower of love. Bursting with all the love that’s in your heart, this custom arrangement includes bundant greenery as well, to set off the colour tones in the roses. Boasting intricate cuts and facets that reflect the light, a genuine crystal vase holds the floral arrangement, and is graced by Thomas Kinkade’s romantic vision of Sweetheart Cottage II. Concealed within the vase, long-lasting LED lights add extra luminosity to both the art and the crystal. What’s more, additional lights nestled among the roses create an alluring glow, so you can enjoy this treasure day and night. Measures about 12 inches tall. Vase is appr. 5 inches tall. Requires 3 “AAA” batteries (not included).
Price: $149.99
Poinsettias are as much a part of our holiday traditions as gifts under the tree. Now, this symbol of holiday cheer will remain vibrant year after year with a first-of-a-kind masterpiece featuring the artistry of Thomas Kinkade. The Thomas Kinkade “Bringing Holiday Cheer” Crystal Centerpiece features silken flowers and includes green holly leaves, white and red blossoms, with sprays of miniature red and gold metallic berry ornaments. A genuine crystal vase graced by Thomas Kinkade’s beloved Home for the Holidays imagery. Concealed within the vase, long-lasting LED lights add extra luminosity to both the art and the crystal. Measures about 11 inches tall. Vase is appr. 6 inches tall. Requires 3 “AAA” batteries (not included). AC adapter ready.
Price: $149.99
Presenting the first-ever “Timeless Beauty” Illuminated Always in Bloom® Masterpiece, custom designed in the finest traditions of Louis Comfort Tiffany. The vase unites the look of Tiffany stained glass with hand-detailed, raised accents that emulate hand-applied “leading” between the coloured panels and in the elaborate design along the base. A bouquet of blossoms encircles the vase in opulent, pastel-toned glazes that feature the richest hues, strikingly reminiscent of the stained glass art that has made the name of Louis Comfort Tiffany celebrated the world over. “Timeless Beauty” is hand-decorated with faux jewels in two different sizes that harmonize beautifully with the garden-themed artistry—and a floral arrangement hand-crafted designed specifically for this masterpiece. This new treasure is the latest release in our exclusive line of hand-crafted Always in Bloom® floral arrangements. It showcases a superb presentation of hand-made flowers using a silky-soft material for the ultimate in realism. White roses, purple lilacs and white lilacs have been hand-crafted and highlighted by flourishes of natural-looking greenery that recreate the rich colours and design of the vase itself. It’s as if Louis Comfort Tiffany’s art has come to life in two and three dimensions—both on the vase and again in the arrangement of handmade flowers! Concealed within the vase, a long-lasting LED light adds warm radiance and emphasizes the look of genuine stained glass, while even more lights tucked within the flowers create an alluring glow—making this a treasure to enjoy day and night. Measures about 16 inches high. Vase is appr. 8 inches tall. Requires 3 “AAA” batteries (not included).
Price: $189.99
Introducing the “Monet’s Artistic Impressions” Always in Bloom® Crystal Centerpiece, showcasing an exquisite presentation of hand-made flowers that will forever remain fresh-looking and lovely. This is a masterpiece edition from our exclusive line of Always in Bloom® floral arrangements, and includes natural-looking greenery that highlight the rich coloirs of the bouquet. Each blossom is hand-crafted using a silky-soft material for superb realism. The freshest-looking Asiatic lilies, cherry blossoms, delphiniums and more have been gathered in a such a way that they will never fade from their peak of perfection. A beloved lily portrait from Impressionist master Claude Monet is showcased for the first time on a cobalt vase crafted of genuine crystal. It’s as if Monet’s art has come to life in two and three dimensions—both on the surface of the crystal vase and again in the arrangement of handmade flowers! This limited edition uniting of Claude Monet’s art, soft light and cobalt crystal invites you to marvel at a bouquet of hand-crafted blossoms, season after season. Concealed within the vase, a long-lasting LED light adds warm radiance to the art and crystal—making this a treasure to enjoy day and night. Measures appr. 18 inches tall. Vase is appr. 7 inches tall. Requires 3 “AA” batteries (not included).
Price: $149.99
The Thomas Kinkade: “A United Welcome” 50 States Wreath is a handcrafted, sculptural limited-edition only available from The Bradford Exchange. This meaningful symbol showcases each state’s official flower in full bloom from Arizona’s Cactus Blossom to Vermont’s Red Clover. Every flower is individually sculpted of fine artist’s resin, then, one by one, each delicate petal is hand-painted by skilled artisans and carefully arranged on the wreath. As a final touch, a royal blue fabric ribbon, trimmed in woven gold thread, is wrapped around the arrangement and finished with a stunning bow. At the centerpiece of this glorious wreath you’ll enjoy the welcoming image of a traditional American home by none other than America’s Most Collected Living Artist, Thomas Kinkade. His beloved image of a simple white homestead with blue trim and a sweet front porch is embraced by an array of blooms, including the California poppy, Thom’s own state flower. Included with the wreath is a “50-State Flower Guide” indicating which state each flower represents. Wreath measures appr. 12" in diameter and 4" deep (30.5 cm x 10 cm). Designed for indoor use. Comes ready to hang. ©2010 Thomas Kinkade Image ©1993 Thomas Kinkade
Price: $179.99
A Meowy Little Christmas Floral Centerpiece by Kayomi Harai
If you've ever shared your home with a kitten, you know that Christmas is the purr-fect season for merry mischief! Now, the adorable antics of cats inspires a first-ever Always in Bloom® Christmas floral centerpiece featuring kitten artwork by famed artist Kayomi Harai. Available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange, the Have Yourself a Meowy Little Christmas Floral Table Centerpiece unites a hand-formed, illuminated winter bouquet with delightful cat art in a Christmas decoration you'll enjoy year after year. This innovative floral centerpiece boasts an adorable wide-eyed sculpture of a kitten, hand-cast to recreate the charm of Kayomi Harai's beloved kitten imagery and surrounded by an abundance of lifelike pines, holly leaves, crimson roses, white daisies, mums and lilies. Every petal and leaf is hand-formed using fabrics that mimic nature but won't ever fade, so your bouquet is truly Always in Bloom®. 12 long-lasting LED lights add an enchanting glow. The flowers are artfully arranged together with the hand-cast and hand-painted kitten sculpture in a gift box-shaped planter that showcases Kayomi Harai's kitten images on all four sides. Requires 3 "AA" batteries (not included). Measures 11" H; 27.9 cm H.
Price: $119.99
The Nightmare Before Christmas Light Up Musical Table Centerpiece
The beloved artistry of Disney Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” inspires a sculpted scene at the center of a grandly-sized, 18-inch wide floral arrangement with hand-crafted ribbons, leaves, bows and naturally textured black pine boughs. At its center are handpainted miniature Halloween Town figures of The Mayor, Oogie Boogie, Lock, Shock and Barrel and other favorites. Enhanced with 20 LED lights, flickering candle “flames” and the beloved music from the film, this Illuminated Floral Centerpiece has everything you could imagine in a centerpiece to enjoy for years to come. Plays the melody of "This is Halloween." Measures 18 inches wide x 11¾ inches tall x 11¾ inches deep. Requires 3 “AAA” batteries, not included. ©2016 Disney ©2016 BGE
Price: $249.99
Thomas Kinkade "HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS'' Lighted Floral Holiday Village Table Centerpiece
The all-new Thomas Kinkade “Home for the Holidays” Floral Centerpiece is part of our exclusive Always in Bloom™ line of lush silken flowers, each individually handmade from a soft material that rivals nature itself. Bursting with color and life, this custom floral arrangement includes red roses, snow-white baby’s breath, green holly leaves, delicate white blossoms and sprays of miniature red berry ornaments. A sculpted bow brings it all together, for perfect display with an all-new presentation of Thomas Kinkade’s beloved holiday villages in 3-D! Three charming village sculptures unite with music and lights! In a first-of-a-kind arrangement, “Home for the Holidays” showcases three familiar homes from Thomas Kinkade's beloved village paintings, together as never before. This all-new Thomas Kinkade village is beautifully decorated for Christmas, an effect that becomes even more lovely when you flip the switch and built-in LED lights add a warm glow while a medley of 8 holiday carols adds to the merriment! This floral masterpiece of sculpture, art, music and lights will look just as lovely in years to come as it does today! Measures about 10" (25 cm) wide. Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included). AC adapter-ready (not included). ©2013 Thomas Kinkade
Price: $149.99