Disney FROZEN Elsa Portrait Doll Sings "Let It Go"
From the moment Elsa became one with her icy powers and blasted her anthem across the snow-covered landscape like a mighty winter storm, she captured millions of hearts and wouldn't let go! Now, relive the story of this animated film with the Disney FROZEN Elsa Portrait Doll, licensed from Disney and available from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. An Ashton-Drake FIRST, this Collector's Edition Musical Doll is sure to warm your heart again and again because at the push of a button, you hear a portion of "Let It Go," in Idina Menzel's actual voice from the original movie soundtrack! This Disney FROZEN Elsa singing doll is expertly handcrafted in a stunning 14 inches tall and is authentic to the character in every detail, from her ice queen couture and the sculpted snowflake she holds sparkling with genuine Swarovski crystals, to her mesmerizing voice. Not only that, her body can be posed in various ways to showcase her enchanting beauty. Doll stand and batteries included. Measures 14" (35.6 cm H). ©Disney
Price: $199.99
She has love in her eyes, a dream in her heart, and a Happily Ever After future. And now, for the first time in Ashton-Drake’s history, she has a ball gown that glimmers and glows like the one that caught Prince Charming’s eye in the 1950 Disney classic—thanks to our exclusive Diamonesk® simulated diamonds! Introducing “Cinderella, Sparkling Beauty,” an Ashton-Drake exclusive Disney Princess doll, so meticulously handcrafted that she is issued in a very limited edition of just 2,500 worldwide. World-class doll artisans re-create “Cinderella’s” graceful beauty with fine sculpting, and her delicate features are meticulously painted by hand to capture her youthful glow. Her silky upswept hair highlights her poseable neck and shoulders. Her body is poseable as well so you can showcase her in many wonderful ways...from the instant she meets the Prince’s gaze and curtsies before their dance, to the dramatic moment when she looks back over her shoulder as she flees from the castle. “Cinderella’s” mesmerizing gown is fashioned of satin and chiffon to show off her spectacular sparkle, and her fitted bodice is lavished with our exclusive Diamonesk® simulated diamonds! Each glittering faceted stone is hand-applied, along with strands of crystals and iridescent sequins. Her elegant “jeweled” headband and sheer, floor-length chiffon overlay add more shimmering beauty to make her sparkle from head to toe! “Cinderella, Sparkling Beauty” stands an impressive 18 inches tall and comes with a doll stand.
Price: $199.99
“Princess Tiana in a Blue Ball Gown” is elegantly hand-sculpted and crafted in artist-quality materials, re-creating one of the film’s most magical moments. Full articulation allows you to pose this 12" masterpiece in a multitude of poses as she’s swept off her feet by her tall, dark and handsome prince. Her satiny, “bayou blue” ball gown is fashioned from the very finest of materials and chic enough for any princess intent on making a stunning entrance. And she is fully accessorized with a tiara, sparkling jewellery, shoes and gloves—all included! Like “Princess Tiana in a Blue Ball Gown,” every issue in the “Princess Tiana” Couture Fantasy Disney Princess Doll Collection is a breathtaking work of art bringing Disney’s irresistible Tiana character to life. Fabrics, patterns and accessories may vary slightly.
Price: $149.99
Pretty As A Princess Lifelike Baby Doll By Elly Knoops comes with a beautiful hooded wicker basket
As beautiful and as perfect as she can be, your precious baby girl deserves the best...from a splendid pink gown decorated with tiny jeweled tiaras and dancing Disney princesses, to a lavish satin rose crowning her headband and booties accented with pink satin ruffles. It’s only fitting that she should be arrayed in such a fashion, because she’s your little princess, a miracle of beauty and sweetness who will reign in your heart forever. Now Pretty as a Princess, a wonderful creation from Master Doll Artist Elly Knoops, is ready to bring joy and a little Disney magic to your home. This gorgeous baby and her accessories are so extra-ordinary, and require so much skilled and painstaking hand-craftsmanship, that she has been designated a Signature Edition Doll—the very first such edition inspired by Disney—and she will be issued in a strictly limited edition of just 5,000 dolls worldwide! At about 19 inches long, Pretty as a Princess is superbly sculpted for the ultimate in realism. This little girl is ideal for cradling close to your heart with smooth tender skin, and a face that’s a vision of beauty, from her rosebud lips, to the blush on her soft cheeks, to her deep violet eyes. Her darling face is surrounded by light auburn hair that comes to a sweet curl at the top. From her expressive little fingers to her tiny baby toes, she is a miracle of perfection and just as adorably lifelike as she can be. Specially designed for a baby of such regal beauty is her white fabric-lined, hooded wicker basket. Decorated with ruffled white chiffon, pink satin rosebuds, a patterned interwoven ribbon and a soft ruffled pillow, it’s absolutely elegant! It’s the perfect place to display your doll until you want to hold her in your arms again. Approximate length of baby doll is 19 inches. Decorative basket measures about 20.5 inches long. This doll and her accessories are not toys, but fine collectibles. ©Disney
Price: $210.00